2017 is the time to build the private practice you have always wanted! 

No guesswork, no frustration…just a profitable pro-insurance private practice that makes money and makes a difference.

 Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to grow your practice from 

Zero to 5K a month in six months or less!

After all the hard work it takes to become a fully licensed mental health professional, it can be so frustrating working in an agency that you really don't believe in. 

That feeling stokes the fire of wanting to have more. I often hear therapists say...

"I want to have my own private practice". 

Practice Pros

Others in the field are building fulfilling practices with the freedom to set their own schedule and work with clients they truly enjoy. It's only natural to wonder...what would it take for me to make that happen?  

But just thinking about getting started, makes it seem like an impossible feat. In graduate school, we learn how to serve our clients, but we don't learn anything about how to be in business for ourselves...and don't add to it the idea of working with insurance companies. We have all heard what a headache that can be.

But...it doesn't have to be that way.

Imagine having a friend that has already been there and can give you the inside scoop on how to make it happen.

With that kind of support and guidance it wouldn't seem so scary or overwhelming. 

When you don't have to go it alone, it seems totally possible to set your practice up so it can serve you AND serve more people in the community. 

Knowing you had that experienced friend would remove the guess work and frustration...so you can dare to make your dream private practice happen in half the time. 

Don't waste time trying to figure things out on your own, piecing together bits of information and wondering if you will ever get it right. 

The Practice Pros Mentorship Program uses the Perfected Practice system to help you FINALLY achieve your goal of building the practice you have been dreaming of. 

2017 can be the year you FINALLY grow your own private practice!!


A transformational mentorship program to grow your practice from zero to 5K in 6 months or less, so you can make money and have the impact you're meant to have in the world.

Our business-savvy, step by step guidance and turn-key systems have been proven to make it easy to set up, brand and fill your pro-insurance practice. 

6 months from now you will be setting your schedule and earning $5K a month from YOUR own private practice...doing work that you LOVE.

Most mentorship programs throw a bunch of information at you and leave you alone to figure it all out. But the truth is, the real results happen when we have support to implement what we are learning AND someone we can count on to give us answers if we get stuck. Practice Pros gives you behind the scenes access and support from a mentor that’s been there…with the hands on connection from a community of Practice Pros all building private practices that make money and make a difference.  

FINALLY a mentorship program that has gives you everything you need to really make it happen!


  • Live Bi-Weekly interactive trainings that walk you through the Perfected Practice Curriculum. 
  • Live Open Office Hours—Q&As during our off weeks so that you stay connected to the community and have ongoing access to answer any questions as they arise. 
  • Facebook Group—a unique small group experience that keeps you engaged and motivated to make progress on the important milestones on the way to mission accomplished. 
  • Done for you spreadsheets, worksheets and custom guides to organize and keep track of your results. 
  • Email Support…personalized answers when you get stuck so you can keep moving forward. 

In 6 months you can have the practice you want. 

Start NOW For only $997

or 6-monthly payments of $197

Practice Pros Mentorship is a step by step program where each session builds upon the next:

Lay the Ground Work - 1/12/17

  • Learn how to select and vet the perfect name for your private practice.
  • Remove the guess work and get a sneak peak of the most sensible and efficient way to build a pro insurance private practice 
  • Use our strategic approach for answering the office location question when you are just starting out.

Off to the Races - 1/26/17 

  • Race to the finish in completing your CAQH application, a key component of credentialing so you can accelerate getting started with insurance companies. 
  • Use our Billing Specialist's nationwide research to determine the best insurance companies to work with in your area and how to streamline the process of getting started with them.

Standing Out in the Crowd - 2/9/16

  • Unearth your values your personality and your unique mission in private practice.
  • Discover the key components in branding allowing you to outline the things that most represent you and your practice. 
  • Create a branding palette that attracts referral sources and key strategic partnerships to draw clients into your practice. 

Nailing that Marketing Message - 2/23/16

  • Tune in to your Ideal Client and the unique contribution you can make to the field. 
  • Master the art of asking the right questions and leveraging the power of emotional resonance to draw your ideal clients in to your practice. 
  • Extend that branding and marketing message into printed materials that showcase your practice at its best. 

Online Presence For Your Practice - 3/9/16

  • Take that marketing message from print to online 
  • Personalize your practice's online experience with language that connects you with your clients from the start. 
  • Learn the importance of having a website and how to create one that does heavy lifting for you. 

Money: Mindset & Skillset - 3/23/16

  • This is where the rubber meets the road. Without delving deep into a conversation about all things money related, we won't be able to set up a practice that is strong and sustainable. 
  • From budgets to bank accounts, merchant services and accounting systems…we are going to examine all sides of the money conversation and give special attention to mindset. 

Designing your work flow - 4/6/16

  • From initial client contact to billing, we provide you step by step guidance on how to design your practice including the essential documentation you need to have an efficient and compliant practice 
  • EHR, EMR…Practice Management Systems. Let’s review the best solution for your scheduling and billing needs to help you create a simple and solid technology infrastructure for your practice. 

Marketing to 5K - 4/20/16

  • Let’s get to the heart of why most mental health professionals don’t like marketing…so we can push past that to grow our practices. 
  • Nuts and bolts of both online and local strategies for gaining the connections, visibility and rapport you need to keep the right clients coming through the door consistently. 

The Practice of You - 5/4/16

  • Growing a practice is well and good, but without a rock solid self care plan the reality of day to day life in private practice could have your entrepreneurial adventure end in burn out. 
  • Infuse inspiration and celebration into your practice from the start. Learn our approach to establishing inspired goals and how to make them happen. 

All Systems Go - 5/18/16

  • Once you have gotten your practice humming, it’s time to institute a pattern for check ups. Learn the key indicators to monitor so you can stay on top of your practice’s wellness.  
  • Get the inside scoop on common pitfalls and how to avoid them. 
  • Review the work flow and best practices you need to have at the core of your pro-insurance practice so you can consistently stay in the black.

Celebration Call - 6/1/17

Right when everyone is preparing to celebrate graduation...you will be too!! The first day in June we come together one last time to celebrate the journey and highlight the Big Wins we have all experienced over our six months together. 

Get started on building your practice now!

6 months of step by step support for only  


or 6 monthly payments of $197

The good news is you don’t have to wait until 2017 to get started. For all my peeps that sign up now, I have a couple of extra sweet bonuses for you!

Pick my Billers Brain…ongoing access to my practice's full-time Billing Specialist, THE woman that has used the Perfected Practice approach for the last five years to keep our group practice thriving. 

Practice Pros Resource Section…Speaker Series with key consultants that will help you leverage the expertise of other professionals as you are making progress on accomplishing your goal. 

Get started on building your practice now!


Or 6-monthly payments of $197

I know stepping out into the unknown can be scary. We go back and forth in our minds until we talk ourselves out of our dreams. Well…

How about a Guarantee...

I believe in both of us committing to results. If you are willing to put some skin in the game to build your practice, I am willing to match you. 

If by the end of the 6 month period, you have followed all of the steps, been on time with your assignments and have STILL not been able to get to 5K a month in your practice, we will keep working together until you do. 

I believe in you, I believe in the practice you are building. I will not abandon you or let you abandon your private practice aspirations. If you are willing to do the work...so am I. That's my guarantee.